Sunday, September 20, 2009

Language as Architecture: Guiding Responses in the Reading of Digital Literature

Why is it different for specifically titled 'interactive' digital media when it comes to stories?

The concept of interaction, when presented in relation to language, seems to be a truism.

How is language made part of multimedial digital works, particularly of imaginative fiction?

A digital TEXT is a web of relations with meanings encoded in its structures; as address, design, and laws of use.

Do I read when navigating a digital text to create experiences of cultural and narrative value?

Things I Do
1. Thesis
Language as Architecture: Guiding Responses in the Reading of Digital Literature. Due - April 2010.

2. Virtual Worlds
Teaching tools. Sites of cultures and narratives. As mediums for symbolic exchange.

3. Art as Research
Making things to understand what they can mean - critically.

NOTE: The interaction networks of proteins in the database were generated through the use of Ingenuity Pathways Analysis, a web-delivered application that enables discovery, visualization, and exploration of biological interaction networks. Detailed information about this analysis software can be found at

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